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Partners In Progress fosters a pro-business environment with specific focus on the growth, expansion, and retention of businesses in the Town of Gilbert.  


Roundtable Meetings
These discussions with local businesses representing various industry sectors help the Town and Chamber gain insight as to how the community can best support local business growth and retention.

Red Carpet Tour and Mayor’s State of Business Address
Attendees hear from the Town’s staff and leadership about our community’s master plan and the economic state as well as the projections for our town’s development.


Expert Speakers and Curriculum Advisors
The program builds a bridge between businesses, parents, students, and teachers by providing access to find local business experts for a variety of engagement opportunities.

Business & Education Summits
Attendees hear from a guest speaker or panel on the issue of connecting the business and education communities. Each table includes representation from government, education, small and large businesses, and attendees work on a series of discussion questions to assess the opportunity for support of and collaboration with one another.

Tours For Teachers
A seven-month program for teachers, administrators and staff serving Gilbert, this program provides insight and resources to help participants gain a better understanding of the current and future employability needs and trends within the local economy. The program includes an orientation, three issue days, independent assignments, and exploration.

Career Shadowing and Mentorship
High school and college students engage in learning through observation in their profession of interest under the mentorship of an expert in the field. The student is matched with a mentor for a 20-hour shadowing experience. They work together to schedule these hours so as to best accommodate their calendars and optimize the student’s experience.

Partners In Progress is an initiative of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce. For more information about Partners In Progress, e-mail sarah@gilbertchamber.com.