Connect Bien


 “BIEN” means “good” or “right” in Spanish and French. It is also an acronym for “Building an International Economic Network.” The purpose of this site is to create a business-to-business e-platform to connect individual businesses across international boundaries. Businesses in Arizona, Mexico and Canada can directly contact each other in order to partner and grow their businesses. By providing information about your products and services, other businesses can see what you offer and find ways to collaborate in mutually-beneficial partnerships.

Such partnerships could include supplying products and/or services, assisting in cross-border marketing and word-of-mouth promotion, or simply sharing innovative ideas and approaches. The site is designed as a self-reporting system, in which businesses of any size can upload information about their company and categorize the information by business type for easy searchability. The ultimate goal is to improve local and regional economies on both sides of the border, leading to jobs and economic development. And that will be “muy bien” for all!

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