John Lewis 4955 jl final 5x7“Workforce readiness is a top business concern.  Now is the time for businesses to engage with the education community, especially with the increase in rigor. I encourage businesses to help us in this endeavor. In Gilbert, what we do, we do together.  Will you join us in our efforts?” Mayor John Lewis, Town of Gilbert




JW Rayhons 2014


“As a business owner and father of four, I feel called to prepare not just my children but all students in our community for the opportunities that will exist in Gilbert. Together, we can build a strong bond that connects the needs of our educators with the desires of businesses. By  focusing on college and career readiness, we are not only investing in our youth, we are investing in our workforce of tomorrow.” JW Rayhons, Rayhons Financial


Tim Bricker 2014“While medical skill is at the core of our work in health care, being a great care provider also requires sophisticated critical thinking, judgment, and people skills.  Our educational institutions must be excellent in preparing our workforce in all of these areas, but they cannot do it in isolation.  Collaboration, partnership, and engagement between education and the business community are critical to our mutual success.”
Tim Bricker, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center